Residential Service

Perfect for those without space or time to do backyard composting.

Commercial Service

Perfect for offices, grocery stores, food producers, and restaurants.



After you sign up and give us some info, we bring you a bucket to toss your food scraps in.


You place the bucket on your porch the night before your pickup day and we will swap it for a squeaky clean bucket.


We turn it into beautiful compost and keep your scraps from the landfill. We will bring you free compost every spring (with the exception of this year while we get past our startup phase).



You sure do! We have a beautiful pile of black gold with your name on it. We will be delivering this material to all our residential customers this coming spring.
Yes. We certainly do. To purchase bulk compost, please contact us.
Thats a great question. Some would say that we know more about outer-space then we do about the lifeforms beneath our feet. We aren’t sure how true that is but the sentiment is likely accurate. We as humans are just beginning to understand the complexity of healthy soil. Its amazingly diverse in species, chemistry, and shape.

To put it simply, composting is the decomposition of organic matter in an accelerated process with careful attention paid to its temperature, moisture, and oxygen levels. These are the three things that our underground microscopic composting friends can’t live without.

Composting is the process of turning your waste into plant nutrients. It’s the soils’ food!

Bokashi is one our favorite things in the world. It is a Japanese fermentation process using a selective collection of yeast and bacteria. Bokashi allows us to compost without the use of any added water or oxygen. You basically pile your food scraps in a container with your bokashi culture, and it ferments like pickles!

The simple process is this:
1 – Combine some kind of grain or carbon rich source like coffee or rice hulls with EM1 brand bacteria starter.
2 – Put this in a small bucket with very little oxygen and let is ferment for a week or two.
3 – Combine food scraps with little sprinkles or layers of the grain or hulls you made in the previous step. Fill up a large bin or bucket with this and close it off with as little oxygen as possible.
4 – Open up the bin after 2 to 3 weeks and be amazed by how your scraps have been pickled and “composted” without any added water, oxygen or all that laborious work with a pitchfork!

This process is super fun and we love to teach it to others. Check back in for more detailed content on this process.

“Let it rot” is the old school system of composting. It doesn’t make quality compost because its oxygen, moisture, and carbon levels are not optimum. It stinks and releases boat loads of unfriendly greenhouse gasses. Just don’t do it. Give us a call and we will come help you setup your backyard compost pile. Or give us your food scraps and we will make compost for you! It’s that easy!
Compost isn’t just fun to make. Its relationship with water is beyond words. It’s freakishly powerful. Kinda like the Ninja Turtles movie from the 90’s where the villains get access to some secret ooze and fuels their superpowers? Well, that’s pretty close to what happens when compost meets water. With the presence of healthy compost, surface water is sopped up like a sponge reducing the risk of floods and damaging erosion. This land treated with compost is the world’s most efficient water filter. Some composting critters like the “red-wiggler” have shown the ability to remove hormones that make their way into our water system by way of birth control! We don’t know exactly how all that works, but we trust that nature’s way of doing it is pretty impressive and efficient. Compost builds healthy soil that is full of life. We can just assume the life below ground is as capable of awe-inspiring accomplishments as life forms like ours above ground!
For a list of compostable materials, click here.

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Getting neighbors or businesses in your region are a great way to make it cost effective for us to come to your neighborhood!



Key City Compost was started by Phil Westcott in 2016 after many years of joyful composting in his back yard. A course with I.L.S.R (Institute for Local Self Reliance) in Washington, DC exposed Phil to new methods and many mentors that encouraged him to pursue his passion. Shortly after starting the business, Phil realized he was surrounded by great friends with incredible skill. Julien Libert and Connor Self joined the team just months after its founding and have been instrumental in this idea becoming a reality.