Residential Services

Residential services includes the weekly or bi-weekly exchange of your compost bucket. Our residential service prices include up to two 5gal buckets.

Bi-Weekly Doorstep Pickup

$24 per mo.

Per MonthPicked up every other week.
New clean bin every other week.
Free compost once a year.
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Weekly Doorstep + Donation

$37 per mo.

Per MonthSame as weekly doorstep pickup
5$ Donation to our cause!
Thank You!!
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Commercial Services

Our commercial services are perfect for your office, restaurant, cafe, or event.

Commercial service is priced by bin size. Contact us if you need help picking the right size for you.

5 Gallon Bin


Per Pickup
  • Best for small office
  • Portable and space efficient
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17 Gallon Bin


Per Pickup
  • Great for coffee roasters
  • Best for mid-size office buildings
  • portable and space efficient.
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64 Gallon Toter


Per Pickup
  • Perfect for grocery &
  • Perfect for restaurants
  • Fits in seamless with current trash routine
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