The Key City Compost team is dedicated to improving our regional waste management and soil building practices. This cannot be done alone! Our vision to build a better Frederick is only possible with the support of residents, business owners, farmers, and local policy makers. With your cooperation and involvement, we recycle discarded food scraps and convert them into high quality soil amendments for local producers so they can continue to provide both health and wealth to our region.

Phil Westcott









It's our mission to serve and provide. Our participation with USCC (U.S. Compost Council) and collaboration with the most innovative minds in the world of composting, we take pride in our ability to serve and provide local solutions to global problems. We are constantly questioning best practices, and aim to be transparent on our mission and process.


Key City Compost started as a project when our founder Phil Westcott wanted to step away from his corporate office job. With a long work history in the field of land management and environmental science, Phil wanted to get back to his roots and that's when composting graduated from hobby to business venture. It only took a few days for Phil to realize he couldn't do this alone. Julien and Connor, both close friends and Frederick Citizens, were on speed dial and got roped in quick when Key City Compost started to become official.


For years we have dreamed of starting a business somehow involved in the reduction of waste and the production of compost. We at Key City Compost are still experimenting with exactly what that looks like. We realize that Frederick County is in great need of two things. First is some form of composting service to our community. Second is a LOCAL source of high quality finished soil products for our local growers. Local is the key word in both of these objectives. We want Frederick's products and services to be made by and for its own land and citizens.

What can you do?

We want you to be part of the story. In fact, we NEED you to be part of the story. Get our composting home service or call us for help! If you already compost at home or outside of our service area, please join our mailing list to keep up to date on the status of service areas as well as our online resources. Engage your local community and local policy makers to make sure that they know you want compost to be available and taken seriously. We love and appreciate each and every one of you for what you do for your neighborhood, your region, and our planet.